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Hildebrandt Mustang Choir Strikes a Chord of Unity and Joy

Hildebrandt Mustang Choir Strikes a Chord of Unity and Joy

In the Hildebrandt Intermediate music wing, soothing strains of music fill the air, creating a haven for teachers and students.

For one group of musical Mustangs, Choir offers a respite from the challenges of the outside world, a place where students and their directors can leave their worries behind.

Leading the talented Hildebrandt Choirs are Ms. Jaime Mattox and Ms. Nathalie Calvo. Both educators are as passionate and dedicated as the students they teach. 

"Choir brought me to school when I was younger and gave me my safe space," Ms. Mattox said. "My passion is to provide a safe space for as many students who want to sing and be a part of that space as possible. What drives me is seeing them happy, working hard, and being proud of themselves."

Sixth-grader Absalom perfectly captures the influence of Ms. Mattox's leadership and the essence of the choir, describing how all else fades away within those harmonious notes, leaving only the simple joy of making music.

"I chose Choir because Ms. Mattox and Ms. Calvo were always so nice to me," Absalom said. "I feel like in Choir, when you sing, all your problems disappear, and the outside world doesn't matter."

The choir caters to everyone, regardless of skill level. There are different choirs to suit different tastes, providing opportunities for memorable trips and enjoyable social events. Eighth-grader Gabrielle fondly recalls the thrill of last year's Kemah trip and the camaraderie forged in such contests.

"The Kemah trip and competition last year were so fun, and I'm looking forward to going again this year," Gabrielle said. "It was exciting to compete and make those memories with everyone."

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Yet, it's not just the significant events that make choir unique; it's the everyday moments. Engaging lessons, lively warm-ups, and shared traditions add a spark to each rehearsal. It's also a place of growth and acceptance, a secure space where students can evolve, guided by the caring leadership of directors Ms. Mattox and Ms. Calvo.

"I like Choir because you get to talk to new people, make friends, and build a big family and have a good time with everyone," Eighth-grader Brayden said. "I love having fun with our teachers—Ms. Mattox and Ms. Calvo are the best."

One student's appreciation for Ms. Mattox, Ms. Calvo, and the choir resonates with many, highlighting that it's not just about the music but also the deep connections formed within this musical community. 

"I love making friendships and bonds with my friends in Choir and my teachers," Eighth-grader Chase said. "It's nice to build those relationships with people I might normally not get to do outside the Choir room."

Sounds like the Mustang Choir is making more than just good music! We are so proud of these students and their directors for their impact both inside and outside the rehearsal room. Bravo!

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