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2024-25 Relief Rezoning Effort Announced for Elementary and Intermediate Schools

2024-25 Relief Rezoning Effort Announced for Elementary and Intermediate Schools

Klein, TX – Klein ISD is embarking on a comprehensive Relief Rezoning process for the 2024-25 academic year. Unlike past rezoning efforts, the focus of this extensive process extends beyond new school openings to address the evolving needs of our growing community.

Focus and Purpose
The Relief Rezoning Process in preparation for the 2024-25 academic year aims to: 

  • Provide relief to elementary and intermediate schools facing capacity challenges: As Klein ISD continues to grow, several elementary and intermediate campuses are nearing or have exceeded their optimal capacity. This rezoning process aims to redistribute the elementary and intermediate student population more evenly across schools to enhance the quality of education and facilities available for each student.
  • Maximize the utilization of existing district facilities: Klein ISD is committed to the responsible use of taxpayer resources. Through this relief rezoning effort, we aim to ensure that each elementary and intermediate school is balanced for effective capacity utilization. 
  • Defer the timing of future school construction: Although new schools are essential to our long-term growth strategy, they also require significant investment. By optimizing the use of our existing facilities through this rezoning process, it may be possible to extend the timeline for any future construction needs.

A Commitment to Transparency and Community Involvement
Klein ISD remains steadfast in its commitment to keep communication transparent with all stakeholders impacted throughout this Elementary and Intermediate Relief Rezoning process. We value the insights and feedback from our staff and community and will continue to keep you informed at each stage of the process.

A series of meetings will be held to gather community input on the proposed changes. The agendas, minutes, and committee recommendations will be posted online after each meeting. Surveys for public feedback will be available.

  • November 2023: Two separate reviews of proposed boundary changes will be posted for community feedback.
  • December 2023: Revised boundary changes will be posted for community feedback.
  • January 2024: Recommended boundary changes will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • February 2024: Request for final approval of boundary changes by the Board of Trustees and communication to all impacted elementary and intermediate schools and families will be shared.

We thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and continued support as we strive to make Klein ISD the best place for our students to learn, our teachers to teach, and our families to thrive.

For more information, please visit our website at, where we will post regular updates, timelines, and resources related to the elementary and intermediate school rezoning process. 

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